T. Zientarski1, G. Koziel1, M. Zientarska2

1Lublin University of Technology (POLAND)
2ZDZ Schools in Lublin (POLAND)
Working in the IT industry is still popular. This results in a growing number of students wishing to study Computer Science at universities, not least at the Lublin University of Technology.

Choosing the correct direction of study is a key choice for young people, influencing their whole later life. It would be interesting to identify the main factors influencing this choice. It seems that the environmental conditions under which a young person lives are of decisive importance.

The main objective of this study is to investigate the influence of the environment on the interest in computer studies.

To assess this we have put forward three working hypotheses:
1. Does the family home have an impact on the young person’s choice of a field of study?
2. Does the school influence this decision?
3. To what extent does early programming experience have an effect on a future student’s interest in Computer Science?

To confirm these hypotheses, we have surveyed a group of 150 first-year Computer Science students. The results of the survey are presented and discussed in this article.

The results revealed that:
• Having a computer or a phone in adolescent age did not significantly affect the interest in Computer Science in the future.
• Early child interest in programming increases the chances of the choice of technical studies in the future.
• A significant proportion of Computer Science students have parents with higher education.
• A teacher's passion has a great influence on shaping the interests of a young person.