A. Zhakupova, B. Gazdiyeva, M. Tavluy

Kokshetau State University (KAZAKHSTAN)
Modern higher education in Kazakhstan is in many ways based on the development of innovative technologies as a science of novelties. The base for institutions of higher education in the Republic of Kazakhstan are the following strategic acts: Programme of Enforced Industrial and Innovative Development of Kazakhstan, State Programme of Education Development in Kazakhstan for 2011-2020. The ever developing society and education system are now characterized by life-long education, transition of schools and higher education institutions towards innovative activities, a new role of universities in the social life, upbringing and training of innovatively educated personnel, the orientation of the acquired knowledge on meeting the interests of individuals and society on the whole. The introduction and application of innovative technologies in higher education still remains one of the actual issues in linguistic didactics. The world educational system now witnesses the implementation of information and communication technologies (ICT). The practical education of Kazakhstani system has also seen some changes defined as the “informatization of education”.
Education with the help of information and communication technologies (e-learning, i.e. electronic learning) is actively introduced into the national high school education. State Programme of Education Development in Kazakhstan for 2011-2020 has marked the fundamental directions of activities which formed the basis for the E-learning model in Kazakhstan. E-learning will improve the quality of education, the effectiveness of education management, information integration with the education environment. Doubtless advantages of the ICT do not down-grade the importance of other technologies introduced and applied in Kazakhstani higher education. One of the most significant places is taken by the technologies concerning the development and improvement the individualities involved in the pedagogical process. Individual-oriented technologies are relevant since they direct teachers towards the unique nature of human beings. The rapidly developing technology of cooperative learning is also distinguished among the various directions. The main idea of cooperative learning is to study in a team, but not to perform a task jointly. The principles of the modern innovative education coincide with the ideas of cooperative learning.
Integral, scientifically grounded and organized education system or technology facilitates teacher and student’s movement towards necessary direction of study. Kazakhstani High school education moves towards the annexation of the national education system to the Bologna education model, involvement into the European and world educational system with the preservation of the good experience of the previous national educational system. The specific objectives of the higher education include: creation of competitive higher education institutions and graduates, training specialists of a new generation, provision for wide range of opportunities for a person to choose the study direction, subsequent education of individuals.