N. Zhabo1, M. Avdonina2, N. Grigorian1, Y. Sdobnova2, A. Ryabinin3

1Peoples’s Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University) (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
2Moscow State Linguistic University (MSLU) (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
3Moscow's Higher School of Economics (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
The purpose of the study is to identify the long-term benefits of the video creation for developing students’ professional curiosity and employability skills when learning a foreign language.

Objectives of the research:
1) to study the optimal forms of projects for the formation of speech skills in foreign language and solving intellectual problems;
2) to determine interaction between student and teacher, and the role of the teacher to enhance the student's creativity solving a specific problem;
3) to assess the student’s logical chain of decision-making on the topic choice.

Analysis of the students’ final works, teacher-student discussion, group discussion and evaluation of the project by peers, monitoring the delayed educational impact of the project on the student's activity at the next stage of foreign language learning, monitoring the impact of the work on the evolution of the student’s view of the world.

French textbook "Landscape Architecture and Horticulture of the 21st Century: Challenges and Imperatives of Our Time"; student final projects.

One hundred and fifty student works in French by Russian students of agrarian specialties of the 2017-2018 academic year have been analyzed (made by more than two hundred students, future specialists in various agricultural sectors: agronomy, veterinary and sanitary examination, veterinary medicine, agro-industrial complex, standardization and metrology, land use and cadastres, landscape architecture and horticulture).

Originality of the idea; quality of filming; strategies for finding the equivalents for Russian terms in French; quality of subtitles (correctness, use of terms), quality of the oral presentation; humor.

As the study showed, the students consider the optimal form of projects to be the Power Point presentation with the inclusion of video and audio elements and with subtitles. This form was used for an individual project. This kind of project required much more participation of the teacher in its creation, since this form was chosen by lower-achieving students.

The shooting of a video has been mastered by students: the development of the plot, the preparation of the text, artistic realization. In total, about twenty videos were created, most of them were group videos. From the point of view of the French language learning outcomes, this type of work is the most effective for the formation of speech skills and the solution of intellectual problems.

The poster as form was a completely new kind of activity for students, only one such project was implemented. It did not require any participation of the teacher: the student used tips of various training sites and performed the work perfectly.
During the implementation of the project, we note an increase in the students' creativity. They started by choosing a topic from the text-book, but the course of thought led them to an independent search on the new ground: they treat, through a logical chain, aspects concerning acute problems. For example, forestry – deforestation in France – draining the Shatura marshes in the Moscow region – current manmade fires in the world.

Our goal, ideally, is that students are able to communicate in an unconventional professional situation. To do this, they learn to use their own experience and news sites, especially Euronews, for delivering material in a way of compression: abstracts, poster, presentation, subtitles.].