N. Zhabo, M. Avdonina, I. Likhacheva, N. Grigoryan, I. Bykova

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University) (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
The study is devoted to the analysis of the results of extra-curricular work of students and teachers within the framework of a creative project aimed at forming the professional competence of an interpreter, in particular, linguistic and sociocultural aspects. This type of project is designed to optimize special vocabulary learning and to strengthen the language skills of a foreign language for special purposes for beginners, to train using multimedia applications for shooting and editing a film.

Seven phases of the project are identified. Teacher’s work on video content at the design stage is described, justifying the selection of necessary knowledge about the culture of the language being studied. The mode of elaboration of a hypertext system is analyzed as hyperlinks and smart tags in the arrangement of the preparatory material provide students with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the cultural aspect of the project, symbolism and connotations of the chosen component of French culture. A specific feature of the project consists in the activation of imaginative (visual, sound) and linguistic units simultaneously. During preliminary discussions, the sensual, pragmatic component of the text is reflected.

One of the five implemented projects, "Turkey with chestnuts", is presented. It was attended by 7 students of the 1st year and two teachers of the Agrarian Technological and the Medical Institutes, and Ecological Faculty of RUDN University together with an alumna and a child of five years old. At the preparatory stage, the parents of one of the students took part responsible for choosing the organic turkey farm in Moscow Region with required ecological properties. The text is compiled by the teachers and includes complex grammatical phrases and highly specialized terms on the following topics: Ecological characteristics of modern nutrition; Peculiarities of growing turkeys on the farm and Nutrients of poultry meat; Biology of chestnut and the Medical aspect of choosing chestnuts for turkey dressing; Actions when cooking a dish. Due to specially developed exercises students work independently with the text prepared for speaking on the camera, achieving with the help of voice Internet applications not only the ability to pronounce French terms correctly, but also the ability to control the lexical and grammatical form. Filming encouraged students to independently acquire the appropriate ICT skills with the help of fellow experts in this field, which widened the range of participants in the project. The most important stage is the so-called stage of "aftertaste and anticipation of future projects". Such work forms not only foreign language knowledge and skills, but also strengthens the ability to work in a team and shapes students' idea of the importance of traditions, the need for a more sensitive attitude to the environment, the vital and professional position of future specialists in medicine, agriculture, ecology.