M.C. Zamora Urrea1, R. Serrano Urrea2, M.J. García Meseguer2

1Consejería de Educación, Cultura y Deportes (SPAIN)
2Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (SPAIN)
In the last years teachers and institutions have shown a growing interest in students with learning difficulties but, in some cases, they have forgotten students whose intellectual abilities are higher than average. These students have different needs than the rest of their mates and it is important to pay attention on them. In primary school, trying to match the needs of these students at the same time as making them feel no to be different from the others is a challenge. Teachers must remember that children are in a period of their lives that is extremely important for their future and, therefore, it is fundamental the participation of the different experts in the school in order to provide the best academic and personal training.
It is important to detect bright and talented students and help them develop their abilities in cooperation with their parents. It is crucial to design enrichment programs which let achieve the goals.

The objective of this contribution is to show a curricular enrichment program designed to address the needs a student with high intellectual abilities in Mathematics and Spanish Language in the fifth year of Compulsory Primary Education. A participative, flexible and entertaining methodology to motivate and improve interpersonal relationships between students and their mates is applied for this purpose. In this contribution the assessment of the program and the educational practice is also considered.