G. Zaker Salehi

Institute for Reaserch & Planning in Higher Education (IRAN)
Today due to the change of work-centered capitalist economy into knowledge-based economy, there is a constant increase in the role and importance of science and technology and consequently in the relations and cooperation between scientific and industrial institutions. As a result, the literature on the university- industry relations has been always growing.

In Iran the university- industry relations have had a complicated process. The present study aims to investigate this process in the previous forty years.

The research method is “historical and documentary study” which will be documented with the help of statistics and reports on functions. In the results of this study, six waves of relations between university and industry in Iran have been identified:
First wave: from 1934 simultaneously with the establishment of Tehran University, until 1983 when the university’s mission is summarized in training specialized manpower for industry and service sectors and helping government concentrated bureaucracy.
Second wave: includes establishment and development of offices for relation with industry in universities (1983-1994)
Third wave: establishment of science and technology parks and Incubators (1999-2006)
Forth wave: implementation of Entrepreneurship Development Plan in universities (2006-2008)
Fifth wave: establishment of Spin Off Companies (2005-2013)
Sixth wave: Response to industry demands through "by-research ph.d courses".(2013-2016).

The results show the fifth wave has been more effective.