A. Zafar

Mohammad Ali Jinnah University Islamabad Pakistan (PAKISTAN)
This research is an evaluative study based on experimentation. It focuses on the evaluation of the writing component of a four months English Writing Skills training of a class of forty Masters of Business Administration (MBA) students through a comparison between TOEFL Test of Written English (TWE) paper-based type pre-tests and Post-tests as an Evaluation Design. The paper based TOEFL TWE deals with argumentative writing only, so only this type of writing is the focal point of this study. This particular type of English writing training is evaluated through the two tests suggested above. Evaluation is imperative for language trainings as it gauges their effectiveness. It is an essential component of regular quality assessment of any curriculum or training. This evaluation will produce valuable data to expose if focused writing activities can improve writing specimens, which writing activities can be more effective in boosting the grammar, vocabulary and content in writing practices and to what extent can grammar, vocabulary and content be enhanced. Suggestions will be given to eradicate any discrepancies noticed in the results of the post-test and by it’s comparison to the pre-test. The business students studying courses with components on English writing may benefit from this study. The outcome of this study can eventually be applied in the higher education sector and can have a positive influence on, and aid the development of need based English writing trainings for MBA students in the future.