B. Young, L. Laroche

Middle Tennessee State University (UNITED STATES)
The online graduate course was designed and structured for effective delivery with attention given to meaningful interaction, quality feedback, relevant and enriching activities, inquiry-based readings and activities, and research opportunities not typically available or engaged in when utilizing the traditional onsite course delivery format. The online course design provided for a learning environment that was more dynamic, interactive, and enriched than the typical onsite graduate course design. Learners were immersed in course content within this alternative learning environment through multiple styles of delivery, Internet resources and Internet-based teleresearch, and numerous inquiry-based tasks. As a result, a totally new, dynamic culture for learning emerged utilizing interactive components such as Online Personal Discussion Boards, both Small Group and Large Group Discussion Boards; Group Chat Rooms; Student Tools including e-mail links, Student Personal Profile Homepages (Cultural Self-Portrait), online grade access, and Essay Drop Box with instructor feedback capability; numerous External Links; Course Documents including handouts, notes, articles, and resources; and other links and tools. As a result, students engaged in much more student to student dialogue, student to professor dialogue, and small group as well as large group interaction.

As a result of this particular course’s curriculum content and method of online delivery, learners are presented with an innovative online course that creates a new culture for learning about our unique American Multiculture and teaching for diversity while promoting unity. Session will highlight Course design description including Syllabus, Content Modules, Semester Calendar, Readings, Requirements, and description of links to various pages and tools, and essays and assignment directions. Course Map/Menu settings, navigation, and tools available and utilized within this course will also be highlighted. The participants should come away from the session with a clear idea of how one might design a cultural issues graduate class in education in order to give practicing teachers the opportunity to explore within themselves and others perceptions of sociocultural topics, issues, and trends.