S. Yıldız, Ç. Polatoğlu

Yıldız Technical University (TURKEY)
Basic Design Course’s main goal is transfering basic concepts of architectural design and developing practices through the students' design skills. Since the course is given on the first year of the architectural education, motivation and pedagogy is important for the students.

This research aims to bring out the motivating teaching methods by superposing the programme of three different Basic Design Course which were assisted in Yıldız Technical University between the years of 2005-2011. The course is given both theoretical and a practical. Theoric part is left out of the context since it is the same for each studio. The topics of enhancing creative potentials, gaining self confidence, designing a problem, conceptualising , turning abstract into concrete are chosen and practical part is criticized by the students’ works. These topics are sampled by not only the ending products, but also the course’s process. The studio work process is supported by the photos and demonstrations.