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F. Yaman1, O. Dönmez2, I. Kabakçı Yurdakul1

1Anadolu University (TURKEY)
2Ege University (TURKEY)
Proliferation and rapid development rate of digital technologies integrates them into our personal and social life spheres. These developments bring about new digital risks along with digital opportunities. Recently these risks captured considerable attention within the current research agenda. Children who lack required literacies are among the most vulnerable groups regarding these risks. This context defines new roles and responsibilities for parents. Digital parenting term deals with these roles. Digital parents are responsible for their children’s healthy and effective access to digital technologies. But literature fails to serve an explanative framework for digital parenting competences. This study aims to identify competence areas and indicators for digital parenting. Researchers organized an expert panel with participation from related authorities and scholars in Turkey. Participants were from governmental authorities, non-governmental organizations and academic institutions. Qualitative analyses of the data suggested digital citizenship were the core component of the digital parenting along with newly identified dimensions.