H. Woellik

Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (AUSTRIA)
Sport events organizers have many task fields which are done by ICT (information and communication technology) like athletes workflow management, web server hosting and database administration. To keep the tasks running and to avoid long delays in the case of system break downs a helpdesk group must be always available and must be involved into the special requirements and used software packages of the organizer. During a multi sport event with a large number of venues, sport competitions and user groups the organizing of such a helpdesk staff can be a big challenge.

This paper shows the structure of a full student organized helpdesk group during the international sport event Special Olympics Pre-Games 2016 which took place in Austria during one week in January 2016. The helpdesk staff was recruited from bachelor and master study programs of network and communication engineering. According to the basic and special skills of the students they were assigned to different venues and got general and/or responsible tasks.

All students had to be registered as normal volunteers and had to have some experiences in sport competitions. The training of these students was done during some extra lecture units. Large requirements and detailed knowledge was taken into some special software packages which all students had to learn and to understand the principles. After a second training session the students were formed into groups and got the additional equipment for using it during the sport event.

One of the aim of this work, was to bring the theoretical and the practical skills of computer science and network engineering together. And it should give students the motivation to work in the field of sport competitions despite of stress and hard time schedules.