A. Williamson

Angelo State University (UNITED STATES)
Proposed Research:
Preparing teachers who can effectively meet the needs of today’s schools is a challenging task. In an effort to accomplish that task, more universities are expanding their education programs to include online certificates, courses, and degrees. When compared to traditional instruction, ratings for online teacher preparation programs have been found to be higher, as a result of more innovative online teaching and learning practices (Chiero & Beare, 2010). Today’s learner thinks and processes information differently from their predecessors (Prensky, 2001). Online learning is a solution for engaging 21st century learners, and for preparing them for the classroom where they will have to be technologically savvy. In addition, online programs offer flexibility to students and to professors, making opportunities for learners more extensive. This proposed research/paper session will explore tools that promote student engagement in online teacher preparation programs.

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