N. Wesseling

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (NETHERLANDS)
In the following paper I investigate the correlation between students’ use of Facebook and their first year grade point average in the Department of Media, Communication and Information at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Differences in grade points will be measured against whether or not a student utilises Facebook. In addition, the difference in the way that they use this social network site (SNS) will also be explored, by examining their motives for using Facebook. In a previous study I categorised usage by; 1) information sharing, 2) educational purposes, 3) social purposes and 4) leisure. Digital surveys will measure these categories and be compared to the students’ grade points, using statistical tests. This will provide a valuable insight into how the differences are distributed and if there is any relationship between the purpose of Facebook use, the students’ grade points of prior education, and ultimately, whether or not a student passed all first year exams.