P. Voštinár

Matej Bel University (SLOVAKIA)
Schools in Slovak republic are gradually equipped with information and communications technologies (ICT). Every school has at least one computer room, several projectors and some of them have also room with tablet computers. More researches shows that mobile devices will be in the future important tool for teaching. Right now, teachers are avoiding to use tablets in teaching process, because they don't know how to use it effectly and what can they teach with them. One of the possibility solution could be online tools for creating mobile applications. With these tools, each teacher could create their own mobile application without previously programming knowledge. Created application could be used for supporting teaching process and it could increase motivation for the students. In this article, we focus on the most used software’s for creating mobile applications such as App Inventor, Thunkable, AppsGeyser, AppyBuilder, Infinity Monkeys. We will focus on advantages and disadvantages of using these online tools. For each online tool, we will describe example of mobile application aim for teaching.