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E. Voronina, I. Kondrateva, D. Sabirova, N. Latypov

Kazan Federal University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
Modern information and communicative technologies different sources of multimedia, virtual reality, audiovisual means, British and American national corps are of considerable interest because development of such technologies come up authentic texts and intensify their using in teaching languages. This study represents an attempt of implementing modern technologies in language learning process and analyze the effectiveness of using linguistic corps in teaching languages. The major findings that emerged were as follows: linguistic corps are relevant and effective to study lexicon, grammar and other language aspects. Properties of linguistic corps also allow exploring many linguistic issues as an array of texts collected in a single system according to certain characteristics: language, genre, style, time of text creation, author, etc. are also equipped with a search engine. Advantages of corps’ applications are ways to follow the slightest changes in a language. Using of British and American national corps in teaching increases learners’ interest, lower uncertainty in using vocabulary and improve stylistic knowledge. The paper covers corps using strategies, their current and future applications in the learning process of higher school of foreign languages and translation studies of Kazan federal university.