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About this paper:
Appears in: INTED2019 Proceedings
Publication year: 2019
Pages: 5710-5717
ISBN: 978-84-09-08619-1
ISSN: 2340-1079
doi: 10.21125/inted.2019.1404
Conference name: 13th International Technology, Education and Development Conference
Dates: 11-13 March, 2019
Location: Valencia, Spain
Math Exercises for You (Math4U) is a new educational web portal focused on secondary school mathematics. It offers attractive and complex training materials for students and tools for teachers to prepare tests and exams. The Math4U portal is divided into three main sections - Math for Student (Math4S), Math for Teacher (Math4T) and Math for Class (Math4C).

Math4T is intended particularly for teachers. A teacher can prepare an interactive test or a tailor-made writing exam by choosing any questions he or she likes from the database of 4,000 questions and then set the options to choose the desired form in which the test or exam is generated. These options include either a printer ready version of written exam with multiple-choice questions complemented by an answer key or the possibility to generate an interactive PDF test. The interactive PDF test can be used for practicing with the whole class (using an interactive whiteboard or projector) or for a homework.

The application Math4T works with the database of 4,000 questions in each of four languages (English, Czech, Slovak and Polish), which is about 16,000 questions in total. The teacher can create several language versions of the same exam. This can be useful in case of bilingual schools or for exchange students in a class. It is also a great opportunity to improve language skills when preparing for international math competitions or when preparing to study abroad.

In the section Math4S students find unique educational software for practicing all areas of secondary school mathematics. The software generates an interactive HTML test according to a student references (area, subarea, level, number of questions). The student receives partial feedback (evaluation) after answering each question. An important feature of this software is multilingualism. The student can choose the language for a particular test and this chosen language can be changed at any time when working with the test. This also greatly contributes to broadening and deepening the knowledge of mathematical English. More information about the Math4S educational software can be found in the paper "Math4S - Educational Software Math for Student".

In the section Math4C, students and teachers will find interesting quizzes and educational games called “table games” and “puzzle games”. Mainly, the aim of these games is to match the questions with the correct answers. As a particular example, in some of the tests, students match graphs of functions with their equations or match angles with their degree or radian measure. The attractiveness of puzzle games is increased by including quotes or parts of biographies of famous mathematicians, and by getting the feedback with funny comments and funny pictures. All educational games are created as interactive PDF files with a high-quality math typography. These games are independent on the Internet access and can be used also on computers with no Internet connection. All 150 educational games are available in each of four languages.

Educational web portal was created as a part of Math Exercises for You (2016-2019) project supported by Erasmus+ programme.
Mathematics, educational web portal, interactive test, educational game, PDF, multilingualism.