A. Volková

University Hradec králové (CZECH REPUBLIC)
Study has an explorative character. Its aim is to describe the content of experienced school fears among Czech undergraduate students and to get an insight into their impact upon the overall context of specific fears. Subjective responses about the contents of fears were collected on the basic of the method „free generation of fears“. Overall, this study was participated in by 500 respondents. All respondents were university students. The age range of the respondents ranged from 20 to 29. The fears among undergraduate students were closer to fears which are typical for adolescent, but were more general and abstract. Fears related to school performance were the most frequently reported. Most often was fear of tests, state exams and fear from not having studied enough. A decrease in the amount of school fears in relation to age was not confirmed in our study. The findings revealed that the fears associated with the school were progressively replaced by the fears related to career. Gender and age differences are discussed. The identified findings are fully consistent with the developmental challenges and characteristics.