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In Spain, there is a postgraduate degree “Master of Secondary Education Teacher (SET) and High School Training." that makes possible the secondary schoolteacher profession. This title is regulated by the Ministry of Education. The origin of this qualification is the Pedagogic Aptitude Certificate (PAC) and the need to change it. This title was regulated by Ministerial Decree of July 14, 1971 and the Organic Law of Education refers to it with the intent of implanting the Specialization Degree Teacher Education (DTE). Despite disagreements that the PAC has received, we can not forget that this has produced experiences and innovations that now are useful in the starting point for the new initial training of future teachers of secondary education, and it provides data that help to organize and be specific about the curriculum and the development of the new University Master. In fact, in spite of regulatory (Master) and education (EHEA) frameworks are new and different, Master students share characteristics with the PAC students: receive an academic discipline and have no teaching experience. But the PAC does not adapt to the actual needs of teacher education and the demands of modern education system. At present, we need a change of mentality of secondary schoolteachers from before access the classroom. A model teacher education must take into account the following training needs: Multidisciplinary knowledge of the subject to teach, Knowledge of school context, Psycho-pedagogical knowledge, Specific didactic training , Working knowledge of teaching. Besides, in education are important the human values and the personal qualities, and we highlight: teaching vocation, commitment to education, humanity, camaraderie, critical spirit and flexibility to renew. The reflective teacher type is the adaptation that the educational needs today.

The Master is structured according to the resolution of December 17, 2007. Its guide follows the ECI/3858/2007 Order of December 27ant and it is developed for verification by National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (NAQAA). This title does not come up by PAC transformation but it responds to the proposal of the Ministry of Education, and it tries to solve the poor pedagogical training of secondary schoolteachers, and it is consistent with the process of convergence towards the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

In this framework, the Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera offers a postgraduate degree that, on the one hand, it meets the requirements according to the EHEA and, moreover, is innovative and specific because it includes humanistic and Christian orientation that characterizes the CEU.