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D. Violant, I. Segarra, M. Mercadé

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (SPAIN)
As differential aspect compared to other branches of health sciences, dentistry is characterized by its extensive use of various materials for the rehabilitation of patients. These materials, often only have passed the ISO minimum standards for dental industries, so you need to be studied in laboratories to simulate the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of oral environment, in order to have the certainty of its clinical efficacy and establish guidelines for handling patients.

The degree of dental training in the dental profession is not designed specifically for research. In the development of undergraduate studies, it provides students with different theoretical and practical knowledge for patient care and provides the most basic teachings of the investigation. For this reason the research training must be performed at master and doctoral studies through a number of areas in which topics are treated in depth advanced training in current research in various specialties.

Furthermore, the research lines in the Faculty of Dentistry is an example of the importance of dentists who are shaping research capacity and know how to use scientific methodology. Master's students must acquire the knowledge and methodology necessary to enter any of the research proposals. Our experience during the last years in various fields of research departments in the faculty and master's degrees in clinical and materials in dentistry and basic biomedical research has led to the creation of a training program designed especially for dentists specialized in clinical and laboratory research.