H. Vila Suárez1, C. Ferragut2, J.M. Cancela1

1Universidad de Vigo (SPAIN)
2University of Alcalá, Physical Education and Sport Unit, Faculty of Medicine (SPAIN)
There is a general consensus that the evaluation among classmates is one of the best active methodologies in order to acquire competences. In the present study, a learning experience based on self-assessment and co-evaluation has been described and analyzed. This study involved students of third and fourth of Science Degree in Physical Activity and Sport. Students organized in groups, drew up a document about a topic related to the corresponding subject and developed an oral presentation of the document. Students evaluated the documents of their classmates and their own document. The aims of the study were to develop and assess generic competences (Critical capacity and self-Criticism, team-building skills, Oral communication, learning to learn) related with the subject, through the use of active methodologies, and student participation in the process of evaluation (self / co-evaluation). In order to analyze the data, an observation checklist of the competences was developed and a Likert scale from 1 to 10 was used to quantify the acquisition level.

Third-grade students show higher mean values for tested competences (p<0.05). Third-grade students scored a rating of 8 points out of 10 for Critical capacity and self-Criticism competence, team-building skills competence and learning to learn competence. Fourth-grade students scored a rating of 7.75 points out of 10 for Critical capacity and self-Criticism competence and Oral communication competence. The main conclusions have been reached after the experience was: the introduction of teamwork has been confirmed as a good way to acquire and develop generic competences. The student general opinion about the methodology was successful in all groups. Critical capacity and self-Criticism competence was the most highly valued by students.