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I. Vieira, A.P. Lopes, I.C. Lopes, J. Azevedo, C. Torres, L. Babo

When teaching is a passion we do whatever we can to pass it over to our students, and it is even more relevant when we teach a subject to students from a different area. As professors in a Higher Education Institution (HEI) we have the responsibility to prepare the students for the future. We have to gain their attention so that they become engaged in the subject taught and have success at the end.

The aim of this paper is to describe and analyse an experiment that took place in the Spring term of 2019, with first year students of a Mathematics course from the undergraduate degree in Marketing. We have developed several questions, related to the course syllabus, on an online platform, and created a Question Pool. Outside the classroom, students at their own pace could solve these exercises. All questions have the solution step by step, thus the students can realize what is expected gaining insights in the subject. We discuss how the students accepted the initiative and how they used it. The results will be presented, analysed and used to improve the methodology.