A. Vieira

Polytecnic Institut of Leiria (PORTUGAL)
Nowadays there are multifarious functions that are demanded from the teachers. It is expected that teachers have the role of educators, good transmitters of knowledge and values, instructors, animators, mediators, social workers, etc.
It`s a fact that nowadays more social than pedagogic solutions are required from the schools. And is the teacher able to handle all of them?
Even if there is a will to embrace it all, it seems doubtful to be humanly possible to perform all those functions with quality and efficiency. Even if the teacher voluntarily dedicates more than is obliged by law, the truth is that they have somewhat specific functions that also demand specific training and consequently may not be viable to be performed by only one teacher, for however global, glocal, multifunctional and multifaceted it may be.
The question is: who are the teachers that have taken on these multifarious roles? How do they do it? Why do they do it? Probably, it’s an impossible mission to teachers without social workers to help in this tasks. What can be, in this context, the role of the Socio-pedagogical mediatores in school? What lessons can we obtain from the experiences and educational projects that contemplate already social mediation and social work in the schools we study in?
We want to present a comparative study, between educational projects of 2 schools where the social work and the social mediation, together with the traditional education, is notorious, to evaluate the potentialities, successes and failures of these projects, so as to study the possibilities for the creation of posts in the schools to the social Workers, teachers and others, as social mediators between school and families, school and communities.