M. Vervoort

Antwerp Maritime Academy (BELGIUM)
As an element of its fundamental mission, the Antwerp Maritime Academy (AMA) aids businesses, industries, and individuals in Belgium through the expertise of its faculty, staff, and students.
The AMA offers programs in nautical sciences and maritime engineering. When possible, students are invited to assist with the individual projects. These projects also provide the participating academy members with tenure and promotion opportunities. The second scope of the paper is the presentation of the Ph. D. program in Nautical Sciences at its benefit of implementing scientific research into the education.
At the AMA the following Ph. D. research-projects are developed during the last few years:
• Research of the degradation of metallic surfaces due to atmospheric corrosion on board;
• Research of toxic vapours and concentrations on board of (chemical) vessels;
• Integrated container terminal optimisation;
• Criminalisation of seafarers;
• International Piracy;
• The Economic and Financial Effects of Port Congestion and Port Delays;

This paper briefly discusses four research projects performed by the academy members during recent academic years and how these projects fit into the mission of the Antwerp Maritime Academy and its education.