D. Verastegui, A.M. Martínez, F. Mata

Universidad de Castilla La Mancha (SPAIN)
With the implantation of the new degrees in engineering, adapted to the European Space of High Education, the coordination of the learning given in the different courses is necessary, in order to avoid repetitions and overloads for the student and to be employed together at the development of the transverse capabilities of the Program.

At the School of Mining and Industrial Engineering of Almadén (University of Castilla-La Mancha), a service of coordination for the first course of the new degrees has been created. The service is directed by two coordinators, one for the degrees of Mines and other one for the Industrial degrees, supervised by the Assistant Director of Academic Affairs. In the above mentioned service there take part all the teachers who give subjects in the first course of anyone of the degrees, forming educational collaborative equipment.

To make the coordination effective the following tools have been designed:
• Periodic Meetings of the educational equipment (Coordinators and Teachers). A meeting has
been programmed every 2 weeks, where the evolution of the teaching is analyzed, they put jointly
on experiences, conclusions are extracted and strategies of improvement are designed. The topics
that commonly treat each other are:
- Assistance of the students to the tutorships.
- Evaluation.
- Evolution of Programs
- Review of the grouped practice
- Degree of participation in the virtual space
- Joint Activities
- In the last meetings it will encourage to check the educational guides and to update them with the
experience acquired during this first experience of coordination.

• Space MOODLE(Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment ) of coordination: The University of Castilla-La Mancha has enabled a space in this platform, to which they have I access all the teachers of the educational equipment and where the coordinators are incorporating useful information for the coordination. Likewise he arranges of a forum where there can be treated all the topics that are considered pertinent.
• Calendar Gmail: there has been designed a tool based on GMAIL's calendars, to try to avoid the overload that would suppose to the student the accumulation of activities in the same days. For it he arranges of a general account of coordination and of another account for every subject where the teacher includes his activities.
Nowadays the educational equipment is doing special support in avoiding the overload of the students, developing activities where they work the transverse capabilities and to design activities to develop jointly for several subjects.
This work presents the organization of the educational equipment, the planning of the activities and the results of the experience.