The quality of the translation of a scientific text is one of the most important goals in order to disseminate the knowledge in the scientific area. Because of that, the translate text has to be understandable. However, the translation of scientific text is not very easy due to the specific wordings and formulations. It is very clear that the capacity to know and to understand a scientific text is not the same for a translator and a specialist. In fact, despite the high knowledge of grammatical rules and the text redaction, the management of the scientific information sometimes is not friendly for a translator. Contrary, the scientific specialist is very experienced in his topic but frequently is not knowledgeable on the dissemination of his results in another language.

Thus, the interaction between translators and scientific experts is an interdisciplinary way to obtain a very high quality scientific text. Because of that, a project was developed to improve this aspect. Briefly, the experts on functional foods and nutraceuticals, and the students of the Degree in Translation and Interpreting interacted in order to improve the cognitive competence of translator and to enhance the apprentice in the scientific and technical context. To reach these goals the project included several steps:
a) seminars with scientific experts in the studied filed;
b) supervising by scientific experts;
c) translation of scientific text based on real cases provided by scientific experts;
d) supervising on the quality of translation from the original to the translated tongue by a professor of Translation and Interpreting.

This methodology permitted to improve the text understanding and to redact a reliable translation.