I.M. Velez Osorio

Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia Sede Cali Sur (COLOMBIA)
Since the new generations are more concerned about learning in shorter time, with new technologies, they have been appearing new methods and techniques to make more interesting classes and contents, also the relationship between professors and students had change. The result is a new trend around the world, it is called gamification.

The gamification sometimes is confused with the same idea about game theory, but it is not the same; gamification combine game, thinking, and engagement for accomplish more than just playing with students, it has a methodology to make the student learn and think through the gamification system, and also involves participation from all the students and change the role of professor as a facilitator.

Gamification is not about creating games; it is about creating contexts for learning and teaching that involves a gaming environment, developing new concepts, ideas, knowledge processes from students.

In this paper conference, it will be developed the concept of gamification, what is and what is not, how to applied and the most important some examples about its application and the possibilities for this new trend in education.