M. Velciu Cismigiu

National Institute of Research on Labour and Social Protection (ROMANIA)
In an increasingly competitive world, the success of the company depends on the efficient usage of human capital, namely the identification and use of those skills and competences that facilitate competitive behavior and performance. Thus, the concern for anticipation skills, validation of competences, training relevant competences, etc, has become a priority for modern human resources practices. In practice, companies are designing their training policies according to their own needs, to improve their performance, competitiveness or ensure their survival. Furthermore, companies want not to spend needlessly their resources and ensure a return on investment.

In this article, I intent to fill the gap between theory and practice through contribution by the identification of the relevant competences that may contribute to organizations’ succes and competitiviness, in a changing environment. Also, I present the results of a case-study semi-structured interviews with HR managers in selected Romanian enterprises regarding the organizational behaviour on implementation of competence development practices and training those competences and skills relevant for competitiveness. This will contribute for buiding an integrative model for competency development in organizations as a crucial strategic management tool in a challenging work environment.