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T. Vasiljeva, K. Grabovnicka, J. Novinkina

RISEBA University (LATVIA)
Nowadays competition between the universities is growing every day. Some of the universities are offering distance learning studies, which are giving the market opportunity to the university and innovative challenges for society for getting higher education in remote mode. To be competitive in the market, University should attract new students, offering them highly demanded and competitive study programmes as well as various opportunities for studies, for example the possibility to study in distance-learning department. The aim of this research is to find out the main success factors for promotion RISEBA University distance learning products to the international market. The authors of the given research have analysed the situation in Ireland considering it as one of potential market for new students.

Research questions and objectives:
1) To what extent market in Ireland could be the target market for distance learning study programmes?
2) What kind of RISEBA University offered distance learning products could be demanded in the market of Ireland?
3) What are the key success factors and what are the barriers for choosing distance learning products?

Critical analysis of literature sources, quantitative analysis and interpretation of the data gathered by the survey among potential students, semi-structured interviews, and discussions with the faculty and top management of the companies.

Practical implications: The research results could be useful for Universities’ management and stakeholders for better understanding of current trends in education, contributing to society and business by offering the most demanded study programmes to various target groups.

JEL codes: I21, I23, O35.