T. Vasiljeva, E. Treiguts

Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration (RISEBA) (LATVIA)
The aim of this paper is to describe the results of Social Networks topics reflection in students’ research papers paying particular attention to Social Networking impact to the corporates’ business behaviour and performance. The investigation was done amongst several higher schools in Baltic States and in Russia trying to evaluate the compliance between world trends in social networking like growth and convergence into business corporates activity and the contemplation in students mind. The paper analyses various higher schools’ experience in investigation different aspects of social networks usage for improvement the efficiency of business collaboration within the organisation. Paper gives some conclusions what aspects of social networking and social media could most valuable research object for the students in the nearest future.

The case study research methodology combines primary data gained from practical experience with the students in RISEBA, the results of Questionnaire shared with numerous colleagues in other higher schools in Baltics and Russia, and literature review. Secondary data were collected from discussions and interviews with faculties in some higher schools in Latvia.

This paper provides the idea of identifying most critical aspects and integrated functions of social networking with corporate enterprises’ Intranet as well as idea of collaboration between various business networks by using Social Network (SN). The case also collects practical experience of various higher schools applying the topic of SN in students’ research papers giving some recommendations for future investigation’s trends.

Practical implications:
The research could impact the behaviour of faculties who are working with the students in various academic study courses to pay more attention to particular directions of SN interaction with corporate networks. As a result more students’ research works could be devoted to the topical trends in business development that causes better results of research and a lot of practical value. The conclusions could supply social benefits like better students’ and alumni’ preparation for working in advanced business environment applying obtained knowledge in skills.

This paper provides value for academic personnel dealing with students’ research works in the area of SN and corporate networks and facing some problems during the process.