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T. Vasiljeva, L. Kremer

One of the main problems nowadays is huge volume of information necessary to coach highly qualified professional. We see serious obstacles for preparing students with good knowledge and skills using only traditional methods in education like lectures, seminars, practical tasks. This article investigates the solutions for e-learning and the main factors for its successful introduction in higher school as modern and effective solution both for faculties and students. Since Year 2006 one of e-learning System, namely MOODLE was implemented in RISEBA as a result of various e-learning solutions analysis. Several solutions and platforms for e-Learning were investigated and e-learning Management System MOODLE was chosen as the most appropriate for RISEBA. The authors have investigated the strategies of e-learning solutions implementation in Institute of Transport and Telecommunications (Riga), Riga Technical University, Stockholm Economics School, Latvian University and RISEBA. The aim of this article is to investigate the experience of e-learning System in various higher schools in Latvia and develop the set of recommendations for successful MOODLE introduction in learning process. This article collects 6 years experience and practical results in e-learning System MOODLE introduction in RISEBA and provides some useful hints for Management and faculties in higher, secondary schools and International Projects as well. The authors identify the most critical issues and find out critical key factors for success.