C. Varum, A. Ferreira, A. Breda, P. Pombo

University of Aveiro (PORTUGAL)
The recent crisis has reinforced the importance of being economically literate to deal with complex day-to-day issues that a normal citizen has to face. Recent data highlights that the economic and financial literacy among the population is relatively low. It is generally accepted that the best way to promote a society of financially and economically literate adults is to educate children. Considering that the childhood stage is indispensable in the education of future adults, a set of activities were designed to familiarize children with economics and with basic economic principles.
The project uses ludic activities to trigger children’s interest about basic economic concepts, besides it contributes to overcome the idea that economics is an ugly and difficult science. In the future, these young people may be more interested, able and open to understand the complex economic issues that surround them.
In this paper we explain the activities performed, how children evaluate the different methods used (computer games, posters, book, ..) as well as its impacts upon children understanding about economics.