H. Vancova

Trnava University (SLOVAKIA)
Technology has found different ways of use in numerous spheres of human lives; learning languages with the support of e-learning tools is a natural consequence of this trend. Pronunciation training can benefit from the use of technology because technology can provide a source of learning materials and corrective feedback to the learner and the instructor. The paper aims to summarise the pronunciation mistakes the non-native learners made before taking part in an e-learning course that supported the contact learning and compare the progress the learners made after the course. The paper focuses on the suprasegmental features of English that enrich communication with complex information to the listener. The collected data comprise a combination of analysis of students’ recordings at the beginning and after the course and the written data provided by the participants after the completion of the course. The data indicate an immediate improvement in using suprasegmental features that has only short-term results. The paper was supported by the Rector’s grant scheme for research projects (Trnava University in Trnava, no. 6/TU/2019 Suprasegmental features in the English language).