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M. Valiente Lopez, M.C. Sanz Contreras, S. Moyano Sanz

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (SPAIN)
The importance of Architectural Drawing as a communication way between professionals is unquestionable. That is why one of the fundamental objectives of the Higher Technical School of Building, is to provide students with a communication way that is essential for their future professional activities.

In the Escuela Técnica Superior de la Edificación, Universidad Politécnica De Madrid, we are not only teaching conventional techniques, but we are introducing the most innovative shapes in Architectural Representation. This is the case of the use of computer drawing with BIM technology. Not only we are referring to computer-aided teaching, where teachers are developing various units, such as fixing the theoretical concepts taught, but also to the use and knowledge of the computer as an element used by the professional as a graphic expression of their ideas or studies.

The usefulness of BIM programs, 3D printing, virtual simulation programs and their application in the buildings study are the main aims of the study.

Our objective is the analysis of the tools that are currently being used in the Survey of Plans. The basic tools of computer-assisted drawing programs, such as Autocad, BIM and similar programs will be analyzed, to later see their application in the infographic development of different architectural works, and their presentation with infographics or 3D printing.

We will present the different Representation methods used in the Building. We will see the results obtained in the different applications, and we will give an idea of the guidelines that we consider can be followed. Understanding that there is no single method, but several methods that interrelated can lead us to obtain the proposed goal. This goal is simply to facilitate graphic communication in the Architecture area.

We intend to highlight the usefulness of BIM programs, 3D printing and virtual simulation programs, and their application in the study of the architectural work of the great architects. To do this we will expose the experiences obtained in the development of the courses that we teach in the subjects of Architectural Drawing that the professors, which present in this presentation, teach in this institute.

We will see the methodologies used in the representation of the architectural object and how it varies depending on the graphic medium used. The means and their evolution are important, and the professional must know about them as well as the techniques used to achieve those means; but the most important thing is that the professional has a working method, an understanding of the architectural language and its application as a tool of the Architecture representation, both built and not built. In other words, the best thing is to have something to express, to transmit; then we will see the selection of the graphic medium used, adapting the same to our intentions, since all the means are not suitable for all the representations.

The drawing by computer has a great diffusion among the professionals, more and more the studies and cabinets of work demand that the professional who collaborates in the tasks of production and drawing of the architectural plans, has more knowledge in the computer area. Nowadays the introduction of presentations in three dimensions and multimedia makes the professional should know these means and their use. The virtual tours introduce a fundamental concept for the understanding of buildings.