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M. Valiente Lopez, I. Anta Fernandez, E. Martinez Borrell

Univesidad Politecnica de Madrid (SPAIN)
In this presentation we will study all the possible activities and future lines of action to face the challenge that integration to the European Space of Education Superior in Architecture area in Europe.

We will describe our experience in the application of some of them in the University School of Technical Architecture of Madrid. We will compare them with other educational methods.

Differences activities such as: Courses of levelling for the students who accede for the first time to the university, accomplishment of works in equipment, formation in the information search., the use of new educational technologies, others approach to tutorial system, different ways of evaluation, mentoring, use of the Portfolio,……and many other items that must be study in education innovation.

The educational activity must play its role of training informer and as we can see the majority of these activities already was being used. The challenge that occupies us, can create a good moment for the reflection. Surroundings of analysis of the educational methods and the restoration of new areas that complete our educational panorama.

We must be preparations for the changes that the society demands to us.