Anadolu University, (TURKEY)
About this paper:
Appears in: INTED2009 Proceedings
Publication year: 2009
Page: 1143
ISBN: 978-84-612-7578-6
ISSN: 2340-1079
Conference name: 3rd International Technology, Education and Development Conference
Dates: 9-11 March, 2009
Location: Valencia, Spain
In our age, which is dominated by speed and technology, people are getting alienated from themselves and nature. Especially the mechanic life led in big cities takes us away from the humanist values. Art, one of the important humanist values, is of great significance today. It is a global language strengthening all the human feelings and emotions. Herbert READ emphasizes the importance of art saying “In every stage of civilization, people have always felt that the behavior that we call scientific is not enough. People can copy only the objective events with their mental thinking capacity. However, beyond the objective events, there is another world that can only be approached with instinct and presentiment. This perception which is regarded more complex is the aim of art. We cannot understand human and human history until we really realize the supremacy and significance of the information that art offers. Art is extraordinary information because we encounter art everywhere and it is universal while what we call as scientific or philosophic is not permanent, proved to be momentary.”

Exhibiting art to the society and exchanging information in this field is possible through exhibitions, seminars, concerts, demonstrations, and symposiums which are cultural activities improving the social education. The art facilities which broaden the borders of our emotional world and leave unusual marks on our personality hold the magical power that will open the doors of our inner world again.

Art which is so important has also been affected by the change in today’s conditions. Different disciplines regarded separately at past are now intertwined. The borders have been abolished in terms of concept, technique and material. While plastic arts is approached as a whole in the west, it is clearly seen that there must be radical changes in our country where the borders between disciplines still exist in order for the art education to be in accord with the conditions of the era. Basic art education course, which emerged with the Baushaus School that still has influences in the field of creativity since the beginning of the century, is a lesson open to developments and adaptable to contemporary conditions. In this study, the importance of the basic art education course which is common to all disciplines will be explained, and a joint study conducted with the students from different disciplines at the Turunc summer school held by Anadolu University, Fine Arts Faculty Project Group will be evaluated by enriching it with visual documents.