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M. Uygungöz

Anadolu University Fine Arts Faculty (TURKEY)
Artist is the one who assembles creative process with his own esthetical values in the company of imagination and originality then presents artistic execution by his special talent to different contentions without any fear. While the society’s target is to appreciate the artist, their expectation is his perception of “beauty and esthetic”. In consideration of these definitions, the reason of cultural concepts which is formed by education is “Art Work”, “Design”. Essentially behind those different aspects of the artist, particular production style and the form of communal consciousness lies.

Like in every branch of art, lettering has its own rules and esthetic values. To know these features closely, to transfer them to the new generations, to break and develop these rules when necessary, means accommodation to the new era.

While type and lettering leaves its mark upon art with its own rules, it speaks to the eye and emotions with its decorative characteristics and also compose the picture and the view of the writing due to the expression of the situation. It adopts itself to the new era as the time passes, and creates an independent space for calligraphy which can be produced as fast as the thoughts. Type, that has just been used for communication, exhibits its existence reasons as beauty, shape, design, placement, rhythm, continuity and harmony with the definication of calligraphy.

Through when the letters are qualified as forms, signs are purified from meanings, and letters become one with image. With a modern and dynamic expression it calls out to the young minds. It surrounds men who are exhausted with the digital stucture of technology, makes them feel the desire to aristic lettering and begins to develop with the combination of skills and education. Activating the creative emotions of individuals, forms a base to the need to observe art and design from another perspective. What expected from the art and design education institutions is to constitute programs that is suitable for “multidisciplinary approach”.

In Fine Arts Faculties, today, with the fall of the importance that the older generations has given, vocational elective “Calligraphy” course’s existence and endearing “Calligraphy” to students, providing the increase of the necessary values, and bringing esthetic value to lettering in this extent, with a discipline which is based on the master-apprentice involvement in the education process of this branch of art is to be considered.

The aim of this experimental effort is, to cover a big area with beautiful calligraphy and to transfer it to the viewer with a different presentation. Because the target of calligrapher is to share his sensation and excitement with the viewer by his balanced estechic stimulating calligraphic executions in space.