M.I. Usman

Kebbi State University of Science and Technology, Aliero (NIGERIA)
The paper seeks to postulate a philosophical principle for facilitating knowledge acquisition. The paper is two dimensional in scope. First it explores the two theories of empiricism and rationalism and seeks to unify the two theories as a rational-empiricist theory precisely because formal teaching and learning for knowledge have both empirical and rational facets. Secondly the paper examines the relevance of this rational-empirical theory to the education system by way of postulating a rational-empirical principle of teaching and learning. The principle incorporates the presentation of sensual data coupled with rational thinking on the relevance of the data for knowledge. The principle basically views teaching and learning as a perception sharing, both as a process and product, between the teacher and the learner for knowledge irrespective of the teaching method used. It highlights the need to give a philosophical touch to teaching and learning and to direct the perception of both teacher and learner. The implications of the principle for the practice of education are discussed.