O. Ucar, O. Kandemir

Anadolu University (TURKEY)
Today space needs to be manipulated as a place for crucial relationships and a space for the user and the experience. Constructing the creative environments based on experience has the act of gathering. It’s known that Gestalt psychology of perception basically argues that the perception of a whole depends on the characteristics of its parts but also it is impossible to understand the individual component as single and independent. Gathering is also one of the fundamental problems of interior architecture. As a similar point of view, by having a holistic perspective on spatial design, Venturi emphasizes on the gathering role of architecture interpreting, it is as a wall between inside and outside. For Venturi architectural design appears at the intersection of the use, and the internal-external forces of the space. Thus, the spaces require creative designers, gathering different spatial elements in order to organize the experience in that place. In this perspective, the main aim of the project undertaken as part of Introduction to Spatial Design Studio, named Creating Experimental Spaces through “The Module” is to guide the first year interior architecture students as the designers of the future for having the courage and the experience in order to develop probability of creative solutions under the light of required theoretical basis. This Project is about creating a new module that will be constituted out of a three dimensional form through the deductive method and as a next step, constituting a spatial whole through the inductive method by reproducing and organizing many of this unique module. In here, there is an emphasis on the effect of the character of the parts to the whole and the inseparable character of the whole from the parts by a holistic approach in spatial design. The methodology of this application that is held as a group work between the students will be explained and multi evaluations will be made on the design process and the outcome projects in this study.