I. Tureková1, T. Kozík1, R. Bulla2, T. Bagalová1

1Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra (SLOVAKIA)
2Labour Inspectorate in Nitra (SLOVAKIA)
The contribution deals with the education and OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) management in terms of building organizations whose essence is regular monitoring of compliance with OSH rules and targeted education of the working groups. Constructional activity belongs to the risky activities and therefore it is more significant to harmonize and to incorporate the requirements of the real practice into the effective education system. The article points to the real process of assigning workers to job positions in terms of skill requirements, medical status or when shifting to a different type of work, respectively. Furthermore, it defines the procedure to fulfill legal requirements for inclusion of the employee to working process considering OSH requirements to be in accordance with the requirements of legislation. Independent control’s actions and independent regular professional education’s actions are described. In conclusion, the authors introduce schematically optimal design of the education and OSH management in accordance with legal requirements and the requirements of construction organizations.