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M. Turek

Technical University of Liberec (CZECH REPUBLIC)
One of the most important attributes of current cars is safety. There are many safety systems in current car models, but they are mainly isolated and focused to protect car crew or pedestrians after accident happens. In these days, many car manufacturers are trying to introduce system, which allows car system to orientate in traffic, discover possible risks and helps driver to avoid them. One of such approaches is called Car2X communication.
Equipping vehicles with standalone units for Car2X communication would be expensive and long run process, so in the meantime can be these units emulated by mobile devices. Mobile devices are equipped with relatively powerful processors and several communication interfaces, which make them ideal client terminals.
Purpose of this paper is to present an overview of protocol design, which allows communication of mobile terminals with different operating systems using various data connection methods (including GPRS, WiFi, or 'off-line' communication using short message service) and intelligent selection of connection type depending on transmitted message severity and cost of data transfer.