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D. Tsybulsky1, M. Gatenio-Kalush2, M. Abu Ganem2, E. Grobgeld2

1Tel Aviv University / Achva Academic College (ISRAEL)
2Achva Academic College (ISRAEL)
This is a qualitative study that examines Jewish and Bedouin teacher trainees' (n = 76) meaningful experiences in a project-based learning framework, in which they participated as part of their pedagogical coursework. The main goal of the study is to gain insight into participants' meaningful experiences, i.e. thoughts, feelings, and emotions related to the PBL process.

The data collection method consisted of 38 in-depth interviews and 152 reflective reports. Data were analysed according to the qualitative method for content analysis. Study findings provided detailed descriptions of participants' meaningful experiences in two domains: (A) The Quality of the Experience –which shifted over time, ranging from frustration when contending with difficulties and a heavy study load, through the process of overcoming these difficulties and experiencing a sense of fulfilment, success, and increased confidence; (B) The Content of the Experience –which included introspective, social and cognitive key experiences. The study contributes to the pool of knowledge about PBL, an approach that is being increasingly implemented in teacher-training frameworks.