E.K. Tshitshonu

Vaal University of Technology (SOUTH AFRICA)
High demand for tertiary education has been observed to result into oversubscription for some course modules offered at tertiary level, with intake in some cases outpacing nominal capacity by considerable margins. The logistics of organizing multiple class and tutorial groups in order to fit lecture halls capacities as well as reach and afford an opportunity for interaction at the individual student level becomes paramount, particularly for recruitment years. No matter the large numbers, Industry still claim losses incurred due to the inability to fill vacant positions and seem, to some extent, to find no sufficient value in potential capacities delivered by the educational system. The new tune of the skill shortage debate is directed towards the employability of graduates and their readiness for the labor market. This paper presents an approach to involving students in the early stage of their academic engagement as active stakeholders in the learning process. Constructivism is fostered through the packaging of the class content in an attempt to invite the student as a role player in the elaboration of the body of knowledge rather than a simple recipient at the end of the learning transmission channel. Open source tools and a mix of cost effective technology are used in tandem and the benefit of the approach discussed.