In 2012 KU Leuven started with the use of opencourseware.
Opencourseware KU Leuven is currently an educational project that aims to outline the implementation of OpenCourseware at the KU Leuven, Belgium. Under the umbrella of the European OpenCourseware initiative (, KU Leuven setup an Open Course portfolio. To this end, five courses, currently organised as more or less regular courses, were chosen as pilot courses. They have been selected amongst more than 8000 existing Blackboard courses, each for their own characteristics when it comes to didactics, content, and especially their target group, and will be converted to fully functional Open Courses. In our view, not only the content (presented to its users under the form of e.g. weblectures, texts, autocorrective exercises, selftests, etc...) but also the learning process has to be represented in an Open Course. Especially the use of weblectures as teaching material will receive attention in the presentation. Also the way in which our vision on this learning process relates to the concept of study guides will be discussed.

During the autumn of 2012 the first user results are known and will be presented. We want to focus on the critical factors in the use of OpenCourseware, in order to present OpenCourseware KU Leuven as an example of good practice.
The final goal of our project is to embed OpenCourseware structurally in KULeuven.