O. Trull-Dominguez, A. Peiro-Signes, M. Segarra-Oña

Universitat Politècnica de València (SPAIN)
The natural learning process in the human being is based on the build-up of experiences. A process organised of experiences is a fundamental motor for the cognitive development in a subject. The experiential learning through activities (ELA) gathers these features. Moreover, the utilisation of the recent gadgets is joined to it, it creates a real background of data greatly interesting.

In this paper an ELA to learn basic concepts of Statistics is described and analysed. As objective, concepts of descriptive statistics are developed, as well as of inference, but in a relaxed and sporting activity.

The activity develops in an enjoyable outdoor environment, out of the classroom, and with merely transversal challenges. Departing from an excursion to the mountain, data of the members of the group are taken using their smartwatches. They measure a series of characteristics that at a later time are analysed in the classroom. At the end of the session the obtained results are put in common, analysed and compared.