In this paper we present the results obtained with the development and the incorporation of a virtual evaluation system through WebCT platform in the subject of Dirección Financiera, which is given in the second course of Diplomatura de Empresariales (Old Plan) in the Faculty of Economy of the University of Almería.
This system has been incorporated along three years as a part of the project developed by the Educational Group PRODUCCIÓN DE MATERIALES DIDÁCTICOS PARA ENTORNOS VIRTUALES EN DIRECCIÓN FINANCIERA born in the years 2006/2007.
Along this paper we will present how this methodology has been incorporated step by step and we will show the benefits for both, students and also professors.
On the students side we will show how the system has increased significantly the amount of student who pass the final exam and consequently the subject. However, the most significant is the relevant increase in the student performance, understanding this as the coefficient between pass and not presented students that reaches to 75% in 2010, double than in 2008 and 44% more than 2009.
On the professor side the system presents also important advantages such us:
• Reduction of the load of work against the classical continuous evaluation system because, for examples, the platform is able to correct automatically every exam.
• High flexibility in the student evaluation: Student can be evaluated at home; every student can do a different exam, etc.
• Feedback: System learns with every evaluation. The system analyzes the performance by exam, by question or by student.