C.P. Tran1, T.A. Chu2, T.L. Nguyen2, A.V. Nguyen2

1The Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences (VIETNAM)
2Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Institute of Physics (VIETNAM)
The detailed investigation of Vietnam preschool education and kindergarten systems (for the kids less than 5-year-old) in the period 2011-2015 is presented in this report. During this period, the national mainstream development policies of preschool and kindergarten education were really needed and shown a high efficiency in reality, especially for disadvantaged and underdeveloped areas. The national projects "Development of preschool education for 2006-2015" and “All year-5-children go to preschool” in 2010-2015, are successfully completed. The main governmental targets of the preschool education, and age-5-kindergarten have been fundamentally achieved. The number of children attending the preschool educational program in the school networks is constantly increasing. Many schools are reconstructed and expanded, and numerous news are build. The classroom facilities are significantly improved. As counted in the end of 2015 in Vietnam, 99,4% kids of up to-five-year old age go to the kindergarten systems and 93,47% children (6 years and older) go to preschool education. In the last few years, the private sector of preschool and kindergarten education in Vietnam is rapidly increasing and reaches consists 13.3%. Several tables, graphics and statistical data of preschool and kindergarten education situation nowadays of Vietnam are also given in this report.