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I. Torun1, B. Keleşoğlu2

1Bahcesehir University (TURKEY)
2Anadolu University (TURKEY)
This study aims to focus on using the new technologies; such as social networks; blogs; messenger and similar ready-made popular network applications on the education of graphic design. In this study the advantages and the disadvantages are to be discussed with examples.

As a social network; facebook is a high rated application among especially young people. More and more people join the network everyday, and sometimes check on the website more often they check on their mails. Being able to reach many people at once, without re-signing them to different spesific networks for the classes, is an opportunity to use as a vehicle of education.

The current technological possibilities that these field have provides student alterative communication options. As like podcast, youtube and similar video streaming platforms, facebook gives the opportunity to gather online with combining media; images, sound, video; or with an application for facebook can fill the necessary need for the course to become online. The chat option can feed the simultaeousity. Or tools like messenger and skype enlarges the limitations of time.

While this method can work as a backup for local courses but at the same time the overcoming the distance and interval issue, can be a backup for exchange programs. This especially is suitable for the educators from the business profession. By using these platforms, both the students and the instuctors may benefit, as well as they continue to the social life online.