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About this paper:
Appears in: ICERI2009 Proceedings
Publication year: 2009
Pages: 6218-6229
ISBN: 978-84-613-2953-3
ISSN: 2340-1095
Conference name: 2nd International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation
Dates: 16-18 November, 2009
Location: Madrid, Spain
In this paper we wish to illustrate different perspectives used to create multiple-choice questions and we will show how we can improve these in the construction of math tests.
As it is known, web technologies have a great influence on student’s behaviour. Based on an online project beginning at 2007 which has been contributing to help students on their individual work, we would like to share our experience and thoughts with colleagues who have a common concern when they have the task of constructing multiple choice tests.
We feel that multiple-choice tests play an important and a very useful supporting role in self-evaluation or self-examination of our students.
Nonetheless, good multiple–choice test items are generally more complex and time-consuming to create than other types of tests. It requires a certain amount of skill. However, this skill maybe increases through study, practice and experience.
This paper discusses a number of issues related to the use of multiple-choice questions, lists the advantages and disadvantages of this question format contrasting it with open questions. Some examples are given in this context.

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