M.C. Tolosa Bailén, J.R. García Bernabeu

Universidad de Alicante (SPAIN)
In all education/training process is necessary, either at the end or during the development, assess the students somehow. There are different alternatives, all of them valid, but possibly, because of its features, one of the most common is the assessment of knowledge through multiple choice exams. This type of assessment is used by teachers who have a large number of students or who wish to perform several tests throughout the course due to the ease of correction because the process is computerized and is done in a short time. But the multiple choice questions can help us not only to evaluate but also to the students to learn. In this paper we want show how we can use the self-assessment tests to be of use to the students in their learning and for teachers in the detection of communication problems with them or in the detection of gaps in knowledge or misunderstandings, in transmitting information.