M.C. Tolosa Bailén, J.R. García Bernabeu

Universidad de Alicante (SPAIN)
The European Higher Education Area has provided a new educational framework that has modified not only the teaching area, but its evaluation. Regarding to teaching area, students become the center of the process at the university system and stop being a passive characters they used to be. Regarding to evaluation, it is started to establish the continuous assessment where processes of students along the course are taken into account, not only the grade they obtain in classic exams. Thus, is necessary to use new tools to evaluate.

In order to establish this new assessment system, teachers are supplied with a lot of individual and collective tools that can be face to face or at a distance. With them, the final grade will take into account not only the knowledge achieved by students during the course, but the incorporation and develop of new competences and skills that provide them a complete training.